Paul Benson in Melbourne

“I first read this book in 2001 and used it since to build a property portfolio of 12 houses (my children in their mid-20s also have 2 properties). The book provides expert insight and cuts through all the misinformation out there; it delivers simple steps anyone can follow to secure financial freedom and enjoy life to the fullest. I recommend you use this easy-to-read book to educate your children on how to get ahead, no matter where you or they start from. I highly recommend this life changing book as it will really change the way you look at investment and what is possible.”

from Paul Benson in Melbourne –

Client Story: Wayne & Melissa Scarlett

Wayne and Melissa Scarlett own their own home, three investment properties and are in the process of buying their fourth, this time in Melbourne. They plan to have a portfolio of ten investment properties by the time they retire in ten year’s time.

Client Story: Grant & Lisa Innes

Grant and Lisa Innes own their own home and have three investment properties. They aim to buy a bigger family home in the next 12 months and then concentrate on building their investment portfolio.

Custodian Millionaire Case Study: Dr James Walsh- Buckley

Buckley was 72 years of age when he first met John Fitzgerald and started investing with Custodian. Now aged 84, this remarkable man lives and invests according to a very simple creed: In the absence of clearly defined goals, we are forced to concentrate on activity, eventually becoming enslaved by this activity. 

Custodian Millionaire Case Study: Philip and Ange Kerr

Philip and Ange Kerr own their own home and have four investment properties. They bought their first home in 1982, and bought the first two of their investment properties in 2007. In 2008 they bought their third and in 2009 the fourth property. They plan to buy another property every year until Ange retires.

Custodian Millionaire Case Study: Jacqui Thomas

Jacqui Thomas owns her own home in a beachside suburb of Melbourne, five investment properties and a share portfolio. She recently sold her business and after a short ‘temporary retirement’, she has embarked on an exciting new business venture.

Custodian Millionaire Case Study: James Smith

James Smith owns his own home in a north-western suburb of Melbourne, 15 kilometres from the CBD. Over the past ten years he has built a residential investment portfolio of nine properties as well as buying his own home. He intends to continue to buy more properties whenever he can until he retires.