Custodian Millionaire Case Study: David & Dada Bailey

David and Dada Bailey have been together for eight years and between them they have acquired ten investment properties. They have recently restructured their finances and plan to move to their ‘dream home’ to enjoy their retirement.

Custodian Millionaire Case Study: Hung Kwan

Hung Kwan owns his own home, and has a portfolio of 21 residential investment properties, and one commercial property. Most of that investment has occurred in the past 10 years.

Custodian Millionaire Case Study: Jag (John) and Donna Lewis

ABOUT JAG (JOHN) AND DONNA LEWIS Occupation John: Offshore Installation Manager, Woodside Energy Donna: Household manager and manages investment portfolio Age: 51 & 50 Family: Two teenage daughters living at home & two sons living independently Live: Sunshine Coast, Queensland Began investing in residential property: 1999 Property portfolio value (including principal place of residence): $5.5…