Heiner Karst: building a Property portfolio with Custodian since 2001


Custodian to me is a system, a proven system; one that gives people, working people like you and me, the opportunity to do something extraordinary. So for me Custodian is a group of professionals that I would otherwise have to go and recruit myself, that I have access to and I can avail myself of, and I can use to help me build a portfolio, a very wealthy one at that. We needed to do something pretty aggressively. We immigrated here 20 years ago, and I have to say our net worth wasn’t what it should be after a long time. And so we realised we needed to build up some wealth pretty quickly. Over a three year period, we maxed what we could, in terms of our investment capacity. And we bought six properties over that three year period. We bought three to start with and then leveraged those three into another three. And since then it’s been a game of capital growth, clock is ticking. I think anybody can do it. If you’ve got the will and a dream or a goal to do something different, to do something better with your life, to end up with some things that you really want to do, not just doing things that you have to do. Then I think property investment is for those kinds of people. We looked at getting involved in the share market and I was afraid of the share market. And we looked at the property market, and I have to say, bricks and mortar works. I think people from all walks of life have been successful at this and continue being successful at this, because it works.

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*extract from Custodian Millionaire Case Studies magazine printed in 2012.