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John Fitzgerald, speaker, motivator, life changer.

John’s amazing because he really nails it and he gets us to be all we can be.

CEO and founder of the JLF corporation, John Fitzgerald is one of Australia’s foremost authorities on investment and development.

He’s passionate and I love that about him and you can see that especially the people you know achieve things

He’s taught thousands of Australians to build real wealth and mentored hundreds more to become millionaires.
He started it himself he did it himself and he only did it himself because of his mindset.
He’s an Australian success symbol with a story to tell and a message to share, not just about creating wealth but on knowing what you want ,achieving goals, living well and giving back to the community.Powerful. Relevant. Entertaining and always inspirational John Fitzgerald.
You will not believe what you will be able to achieve in the next four years. Bill Gates rule number one lessons to live: life’s unfair get used to it. Now as ice in this room would program for success so we live with change, challenge, complexity and embrace it.

I feel like I’m on top of the world at the moment just a great great speaker

I’ve worked with the banks for 40 years and I’ve never trusted them. You know relationships are very important: family, friends, your health, all those things. It taught me that yes you will be tested and the last time I was tested like that was in 2000 when they bought in GFC and a number of that, though we call it the perfect storm, it’s not one thing that’ll knock you over in this business. It’s a culmination of things. My biggest fear is me sitting in the comfort zone but don’t ever want to be accused of that. I don’t ever want to be accused of not having a go.

The energies It’s like ever any bunny, he’s just got so much energy and charisma and he’s able to to break things down and simplify things that’s what I like about.

And that change maintain momentum. Charles Darwin:” It’s not the survival of the fittest it’s the ones that will adapt and change”. And that’s what you have to do.

Only key rocks

You know an australian comes in late and then tells me he got lost in the forest. What does that mean? And I could see the look on his face was “what? what? wha? what’s he saying? And then I said to him:”Oh, no I actually really did get lost in the forest”. And then it was just so perplexed, he shook my hand, he just walked off.
What’s your purpose? If you could pull it down in one line, to survive and prosper, what do you need to do? How well do you need to do your job?

Very sincere man, very energetic, very purposeful, I think anybody that comes here is going to learn a lot

But I know that success isn’t about the tools that you have at your disposal, your academic achievements, anything except what you’ve got in here.

What I like about Jonh is, you see the values in the man and he’s in the corporate world that’s very very difficult.

You are not a team of one like Andre Agassi. Your win games but you’re not going to reach your potential until you have a team around you that you can work within trust.

He causes me to be proactive, causes me to to keep at it during the tough times and he causes me to look and have hope for a future.

At a 22 million Australians, about eight percent own an investment property. Of that eight percent, eighty-five percent of those, only ever buy one. So if you buy two or more you’re in an elite group.

I like him as a person, I trust him, I think he’s, you know, he’s right, in there with property so I know he knows his stuff and it inspires me

I’ve got a lot of really important information to give you tonight that I really want to sink in there’s things going on in Australia today that you have never seen in your lifetime.

He has this ability to drag out positivity from you and with that you don’t take that and leave forward

It’s time for me to have a go it’s time for me to identify what potential this hard has and to maybe take a step towards that potential

And when you do amazing things happen.

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*extract from Custodian Millionaire Case Studies magazine printed in 2012.